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Candace Bennett

Coach | Speaker | Spiritual Care Provider

Are you tired of living in a cycle of regret, hurt, fear, and stagnation? Are you in need of a listening ear, clarity, accountability, or motivation to grow and meet your goals?

I have strategically prepared creative integrative care methods to set you up for mental, emotional, and spiritual success. Do you have your church organization in mind? I also have the passion and training to help churches foster an environment of connectivity and belonging.

In essence, it is my goal to see communities impacted by Grace Spaces where no one is left behind and everyone's potential is activated.

Book your free strategy call to see how you can benefit from either one of my one-on-one care services or organizational courses to maximize your God-given potential.


The free 45 minute strategy call, via Zoom, is a wonderful way to make sure we start off with the right Grace Space for you!
Grace Spaces:
The Spiritual Care service is a FREE 15 min call that includes a listening ear, spiritual guidance, & prayer.
The Pastoral Counseling sessions vary in appearance from a non-licensed counseling structure to creative healing methods that will help you heal from your pain.
The Life Coaching sessions provide clarity, alignment, encouragement, action steps, and accountability.
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The church organizational online training modules include "care courses" that will teach your organization about pastoral care and discipleship methods. Some topics will address the theology, art, methods, and weight of pastoral care. The training also covers the difference between discipleship and evangelism.

Course participants will receive weekly reminders, monthly virtual assessments & coaching sessions. The free 45 minute strategy call, via Zoom, will include discussing your current challenges, advantages, and goals to show you how this course can add value to your organization.
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about me

I am known for my passion for spiritual and emotional care in personal and communal settings. I hold a Master's degree in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University, specializing in Life Coaching.

I hold certifications in Psychological First Aid (PFA), Suicide Prevention, Assessment, Intervention, and Recovery (SIPR), and Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS).

My past experience working as a Chaplain at a call center where I provided spiritual care and follow-up, has really motivated me to work with those in need of spiritual and emotional support or training.

I am also married to Daniel Bennett, a man of God, who is passionately pursuing his purpose and dreams.

It excites me to be able to use my life experiences to guide you on your personal journey towards maximizing your God-given potential.


Contact me if you have any questions about my services or courses.

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Spiritual Care (15 min):

Pastoral Counseling (60 min):
Starting at $45 per session

Life Coaching (60 min):
$95 per session

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Not accepting insurance at this time